Who said meetings can’t be fun?


Who said meetings can’t be fun? / Posted by

Each quarter, XSInc has the “Quarterly Company Meeting” to provide employees insight on several topics pertaining to XSInc The principals review our strategy, mission and values, as well as our goals and objectives. Team leads and managers go over previous and current quarter team goals and how they are being measured. Our accounting department presents an overview of our finances and discusses how we are meeting the overall budget plan. The sales and marketing teams go over the sales funnel, current and future opportunities, and give us an update on our social media initiatives. Before we wrap up the business portion of the meeting we typically close by sharing upcoming client visits and other topics relating to the quarter or… Read More


FORE! / Posted by

Slip on some khakis, pack a cooler, and REMEMBER your sun screen; today will not be an ordinary Friday afternoon at the office.  At 11:30 A.M., voicemails are turned on and computers are shut down.  My co-workers and I race to our cars and step on the gas.  Four minutes and ten miles later, the entire XS gang arrives at Lochmere Golf Course for the 2012 Annual XS Golf Outing. As I struggle to drag my clubs and cooler to my assigned cart I quickly remember two things, golf is a sport and I might sweat today.  Much like the majority of my colleagues my clubs are borrowed and I am far from becoming the next Tiger.  My first practice… Read More


Reach for your potential (Part 2) / Posted by

The Shenandoah 100 mile mountain bike race is a grueling ordeal that is held each September. This year, a courageous group of XSers are going to take on the 14,000 foot total elevation climb as a way to capture the spirit of our company’s mission and values. The spirit of our mission, “to help our partners reach their potential”, is perfectly captured in the quest to achieve the goal of finishing the race. Once the psychological commitment is made to compete, discipline, planning and teamwork must come into play for up to six months prior to the race. The entire ordeal embodies what makes the XS team successful and is best restated in the form of our values. In fact,… Read More