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Slip on some khakis, pack a cooler, and REMEMBER your sun screen; today will not be an ordinary Friday afternoon at the office.  At 11:30 A.M., voicemails are turned on and computers are shut down.  My co-workers and I race to our cars and step on the gas.  Four minutes and ten miles later, the entire XS gang arrives at Lochmere Golf Course for the 2012 Annual XS Golf Outing. As I struggle to drag my clubs and cooler to my assigned cart I quickly remember two things, golf is a sport and I might sweat today.  Much like the majority of my colleagues my clubs are borrowed and I am far from becoming the next Tiger.  My first practice… Read More


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Why use .Net to develop web based applications?  There are many good reasons why XS uses the technology that it does. Today, I will use this blog to explain the history behind how we came to use the technology we do. In the late 1990’s XS developed a web site called XSAg, which is still in use today, using Microsoft ASP or Classis ASP.  This technology was a real breakthrough during the time it was released because it allowed Visual Basic developers to develop web applications using a language they already knew.  Developing applications on the web really freed up the development process and opened the door to many new technologies that we all enjoy on the internet today.  The… Read More