Precision Agriculture Grows Up and Has a Beer at XS


Precision Agriculture Grows Up and Has a Beer at XS / Posted by

On December 15th, 2011 XS held our first open house event. Our intent was multifold: Show our clients and guests how much we’ve grown in the past several years, demonstrate how HTML5 and other technologies are used to manage, analyze and display data, show off our culture, and introduce our newest product, AgVeritas. To accomplish these objectives we wanted to do something fun, illustrative of what we do, and representative of our capabilities. We decided upon employing a passive awareness approach using an unconventional “How To” theme like: “How to throw a beer party using agricultural data management software”.  Stay with me here as I make the case for this unlikely Google query… Data collection can be a very cumbersome… Read More


Mobile Apps are so Old School / Posted by

  There is a lot of buzz in the media and on the web around mobile apps and how they are driving consumers to purchase smart phones and tablets.  In many ways, having access to apps on our mobile devices is a game changer compared to how we have traditionally interacted with our technology.  Lately, we hear a lot about the app store from Apple, the market from Google and even an app store from Amazon.  Microsoft also has their own version of an app store for windows mobile devices.  With all of these stores to sell and download apps for our phones and tablets, you would think this approach to developing applications is where the future is. Choice and… Read More