Infrastructure Strategies


Darren Patterson

XS is not in the networking and hardware business but making sure we have the right support in these areas is critical to our applications’ success.  XS hosts a server farm in a secure environment within its offices, but for production, XS has a co-lo agreement with a tier one hosting provider.  Essentially, XS manages its own private cloud and provides this service to its clients.

XS’s private cloud is outfitted with some of the best technology in the market.  Our databases are running off of highly available SANs that use solid state drives and the latest generation of high performance drives that can offer IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) capacity that was many multiples of our previous SAN.  The older SAN was considered high end just 6 years ago but with the advent of SSD drives, performance has increased dramatically.

If standard power or internet connectivity was to go out due to inclement weather, XS could weather the storm for weeks using the multiple redundancies built into its server hosting facility.  XS is also prepared for major outages with a separate disaster recovery facility that hosts up to date copies of our critical applications and data. XS maintains this DR and replicates regularly to this standby tier one hosting facility.  If disaster strikes, XS could bring the DR site online within hours and offer virtually uninterrupted service to its clients.

While our server farms have many redundancies built into them to ensure maximum uptime, XS also constantly monitors our servers for performance issues to make sure our applications are delivering peak performance to our customers.  All web applications are load balanced for performance and redundancy behind state-of-the-art firewalls.  We also incorporate an intrusion detection system and have a 24/7 NOC (Network Operations Center) monitoring our servers.  Security is very important at XS.  Our applications encrypt any sensitive data which is secured by many physical layers at our tier one hosting facility.  Policies to access this data are strictly enforced.

Being able to deliver world class software applications for our clients requires not only top notch software development but also superior hardware and support to keep those applications running to their full potential.