Breakfast Wednesdays


Kyle Humphrey

Breakfast Wednesday 4/25 -

One of the first things I was told when I started here was, “Don’t forget your bagel day!”  For years, since the humble beginnings of XS, Wednesday was Bagel Day.  XS provided bagels for all of its employees, who rotated the responsibility of ordering and delivering them to the office. It’s a great way to build comradery and to bring everyone into the break room once a week for a chance to socialize.  Bagel Day stood for nearly 15 years….

But there was an underground movement to make Bagel Day something more.  What if it wasn’t just bagels?  What if, when your turn came, you could express yourself a little in the food you brought? There was a revolution.  Henceforth, Bagel Day will be known as… Breakfast Day!

Employees are free to bring in whatever they’d like.  We’ve had homemade pastries, fruit, muffins, and even cereal and milk.  Every Wednesday the entire company starts their day by perusing the offerings of one gracious XSer whose chance it was to provide breakfast.  We enjoy the treats, mingle for a bit, and celebrate making it halfway through another week.